Sunday, July 19, 2009

3D still life

Final Render image

Softwares Used:
Wacom pen tablet pc
Duration: 3Weeks
Rendertime: 2 hours

Pre Production -Concept art

Unfortunately i couldn't figure out the same objects for my concept so i used what i got.

Final photo reference
Yeah! this is my still life photo shoot in studio. final photo reference.

I started very simple Studio set-up with soft box light and some reflections pads. And used pentex K20D digital cam


I came up very detail basket with low poly accurate modelling.

Wire frame shading
Shading Network

used all procedural textures for grapes and mentalray switches using metal ray shaders

Composite layers in nuke
Final Out put render from comp

I hope u all like my output.
Thanks for your comments.


Critty Critty Bang Bang said...

This blog is so interesting! Keep it comin' *=-)

Vivekanand said...

highly Impressive work sir,
Its awesome.


Its awesome work sir..nice to have student of the great Master "Am pirate"....I am getting to know their is no end of learning new things....